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Connally Construction is known for having impeccable taste when blending elements of style, product and craftsmanship. Founded in 1984, by Ron Connally our company was built on a foundation of integrity. We are dedicated primarily to building custom homes and are recognized as one of Amarillo’s finest home builders. We also work in light commercial and remodeling projects. Ron Connally’s commitment to the housing industry was proven by his leadership in serving as not only president of the local chapter, but also as the president of the Texas Association of Builders. He also served as a director on the National Association of Homebuilders. We recognize that the investment in a new home will most likely be the most significant financial investment a family will make.

Luxury home designs and trends may change over time, but what doesn’t change in a Connally Construction home is the utmost level of quality and attention to detail. Adapting along with the ever-changing materials, technology, and products available for custom homes, Connally Construction maintains a superior level of excellence as one of the leading home builders in West Texas and the Amarillo area. Connally Construction, and the Connally family, are local to Amarillo, Texas. As members of the West Texas community, we value long-term relationships and take pride in contributing to our community.

A legacy of integrity, good communication, and adaptability was established by Ron Connally in the 1990’s and continues with the current generation of the company’s leadership, Brennan Connally.

It’s rewarding to know that you’ve created somebody’s home, not just a shelter. Home and house are not synonyms. I look at my kids and how they talk about the house they grew up in and what it means to them. They remember the house, and that it meant something to them. That’s what home is.

Ron Connally

Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We don’t just build homes, we build legacies that are shared through family generations. Every customer is uniquely different, which means every home is customized to their wants, needs, and personality.

When we build a custom home, it reflects the homeowner’s ideas, their vision, and their personal touch in the house. At Connally Construction, we enjoy involving the clients from the very beginning. Our process is focused on the homeowner choosing the finishes and the details of what will make this house their home.

Let us help you build a home that you are proud to share as your family’s legacy. Contact us to discuss your dreams and ideas!

Connally Construction is a proud member of the TPBA
As a home builder, we also are a member of the Texas Association of Builders.
Connally Construction is also listed as a custom builder for the NAHB.